Let's have some fun! Being photographed can be stressful. It can be uncomfortable. However, it totally shouldn't be either of these things! Peter and I do our best to make our clients feel at ease and as excited about the process as we are.

     Feeling unphotogenic or like family pictures would be one mess of an evening? I do my best to give just enough direction to help you look and feel your best while leading you to the expressions and interactions that are naturally you! Can I ask you to do something? Find a photographer whose work you love and get something on the calendar! Just. do. it. Do it for yourself and your family. I believe it's impossible to regret it. 

it's all about

the details

     After your wedding day is over- or family session comes and goes- you'll be left with lovely images to remember this point in time. The best part? Getting those images physically up on your walls.

     Have you always wanted to try a gallery wall? - I absolutely love ours!! - One of your fresh, high-resolution images will be perfect! Even though we release the rights to all images, we will gladly help you put together a professional quality album upon request for your (or your mom's, or your grandma's!) coffee table if that's more your thing. We gladly provide resources for these and other high quality products so you can enjoy your images everyday!




I love weddings... because weddings mark the beginning of beautiful families! While our earthly families are imperfect, they are none-the-less one of the most precious things we have. I'd love to document yours, creating images that will forever remind you of this precious gift.


Perhaps the only thing more beautiful than a wedding is the reality of the marriage relationship it establishes. Each wedding day, I set out to capture this relationship in all its uniqueness alongside the breathtaking details you've spent months preparing! The results? --  personal and timeless wedding images. 


Engagements are one of the most enjoyable things to photograph. Everyone's excited, no one's nervous (hopefully), and there's no wedding day pressure. It's about time you got some sweet pictures of you and your love up on those walls (and maybe the fridge too!)
** included in all wedding packages**